Love Language: 4 Amazing Cannabis Strains to Boost Sexual Drive

Sex is crucial, especially for married couples. Being together almost everyday can make people lose sexual interest, especially if a routine is always involved. While sexual drive can be affected by a lot of factors, you should know that it’s easy to boost libido with the use of marijuana, instead of taking some random pills. If you want to try marijuana for a satisfying intercourse, here are the best strains to get:

Bubblegum Kush

For a night of relaxed orgasm and more staring contest, this strain is the best choice. Since it contains 80 percent Indica strain, it make you breathe more deeply, enjoying smooth sensual touches. It does not give off couch lock, unlike other Indica strains.

Best use 30 minutes before the intercourse, you and your partner can rekindle passion with every puff. For the taste and aroma, consumers can notice a flushing in the cheeks, tingle around temples as well as forehead.

Overall, the stress relief, euphoria and sensual effects can make this strain a must-try. No wonder why this strain is popular among potheads.

Granddaddy Purple

Sometimes called ‘Green Viagra’ this strain is famous for its dreamy buzz, physical sense of relaxation and solid euphoria. Every touch doubles the pleasure that’s why it helps boost sexual drive among smokers. Taste is mild, with tropical and sweet flavor. Kick is there every puff bringing out a combination of euphoria and full-body relaxation.

Asian Fantasy

Judging by its name, this strain is perfect for sex because it is arousing and generates smooth energy. It is considered the holy grail of strains because of the soothing effect and the spacy, dreamy and peaceful feeling.

If you’re after a sensual night, then this strain is perfect. Just make sure not to use too much because it can make you really sleepy and drowsy.

Ultimate Trainwreck

Up for a wild and action-packed night? If so, this strain is the best choice. It gives off an energetic feeling that can be exciting in bed. Powerful effects including tingling sensations can be experienced when the Ultimate Trainwreck is used. Because it is very potent, effects can last for longer time, unlike other strains.

Check out these strains to spice up the action in the bedroom. Marijuana and sex can go hand-in-hand. Experiment with your partner to find out what works for both of you. Finally, don’t overuse to get desired results.

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