Ask yourself these questions before buying a sex toy

With many sex toys available on the market, and with many online shops flooding the market, it can really be a daunting task to find just the right one for you. It is common for one to ask: “do I really need one?” or “will this really work out for me?”. There are so many questions that one would ask and more often than not it is easy to be lost and not know where to start. Here in the article, we will discuss a few crucial questions to ask yourself before getting the right sex toy for yourself.

Understand Your Options

With many types of adult toys available, get to understand the main types of sex toys for women. Now you can easily buy dildo online. A dildo does not vibrate and it is simply used for penetration through the vagina. On the other hand, a G-Spot vibrator has a curve tip at the top and is aimed at stimulation at a women’s G spot. Vibrators are used mainly for clitoral stimulation. There are two types of vibrators namely: bullet vibrators and rabbit vibrators.

Product Specifications

Some adult toys have a stronger power than others. Thus, do look into each product and its specifications. Another thing to take note of it’s the noise that it produces. If live in a shared house, then getting a quiet toy can be a wiser option.

Product Sizes

Big isn’t always necessary. Many adult toys are designed similarly to the size of an average male penis. If it is your first time getting one, then it is best not to get such a big adult toy.


Think about the budget that you are comfortable with. If this is the first time that you getting a sex toy, avoid splurging too much into your first toy. Give some space for experimental so that you can finally get the toy that will suit your sexual needs.

Online Provider

One of the key considerations before you buy an adult toy is to think about the provider’s reliability. Look out for reviews online that talk about the product’s reliability and quality. Also enquire if the provider offers discreet packaging in their online shop.

Maintaining My Toy

Lastly, when you have gotten your toy, start to think about how you are going to maintain it well. Get a proper cleaning solution to clean your toy after use. Also, think about where you would want to store the toy so that you would not have to be embarrassed the toy manages to get into hand of someone without your consent.

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