How to Advertise Your Massage & Body Rub Business

Whenever you walk along the streets of Orlando, you can’t miss a massage parlor on each street meaning people are appreciating the benefits that come with the services. It’s unfortunate some of the well-equipped massage therapy businesses are struggling to secure clients. The notable disconnect is lack of proper delivery of effective communication to the target customers.

Having a physical location where you operate your massage therapy center is not enough. Nowadays, the most effective way to reach customers is through advertisement. You can use blogs, social media, Google ads, Bing, Yahoo and many more. However how you portray your message also matter whether you are going to get customers or burn your dollars. Below are steps that can empower your campaign to reach massage and body rubs customers. 

Define Your Business

Most massage business owners struggle to pick immediately for skipping this important aspect. Orlando is big and you cannot cater to everybody, so you must identify the type of customers that match your business, and then reach out to them with ads addressing their needs. For instance, choosing your business name is the core issue that determines your focus. It doesn’t matter whether you have been operating for long or starting, create a name that appeals to your customers, simple, and easy to remember. If stuck how to name your body rub business, get ideas from Google, ask a number of friends about your choice and once many of them approve, use it. 

Tip: When choosing a name, including your name like “Salome Relaxing Massage” is easy to remember

  • In the choice name include a service you offer in this case “Relaxing massage”
  • Lastly, choose a theme that complements your name and service 

Business Location

When you advertise your business, you must be prepared after the customers see your Ads and interact with them, is the location of your body rub plus massage inviting. Probably you have a rented location in Orlando, make sure your massage business is easy to locate. Always, before searching for customers ask yourself a few questions. 

  1. Is my location easy to find?
  2. Can I attract high-end clients who come driving?
  3. Is my massage parlor spacious enough to accommodate a number of clients at ago?
  4. Do I have enough equipment’s that enhance my massage services?

If you can confidently answer those queries, then you are ready to put an ad out there. Statistics show that massage business with an open location is able to attract more than 40% of customers than operating at home. Home-based massage business attracts less than 20% of clients unless your home place is located in areas that do not strain customers reaching you. Alternatively, if you have your business at home, you can consider enquiring some customers whether to take massage therapy at their home place or offices. However, you need to balance the cost of having to travel to the client’s location and how to carry massage equipment’s. So, be clear in your ad about your location at times clients choose your services based on location and how convenient it is for them. 

In-Depth Customer Market Research

Do not advertise your business yet, if you have no idea about your ideal customers. From the services you offer, see how they fit the target customers. Make sure you know their age, type, demographics, gender and this will help you bring on board the right customers looking for your services. Doing this builds a long-lasting relationship for your massage and body rubs business because already you understand them better. 


When you fix the above three areas effectively, now place ads with confidence and your business will have the right people to cater for. Both ads and your business have to connect so as to appeal to the right massage and body rub customers. 

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