Top Five Online Dating Profile Techniques That Lead to More Offline Dates

You must have a winning online dating profile if you hope to get more clicks and more messages. When people like what you’ve written, they’re more apt to want to know more about you. This can lead to more offline dates as long as you play your cards right. But here are five tips that will have you creating a profile that gets you more responses than ever before.

1. Use Humor in Your Profile

Humor is nature’s aphrodisiac and it can do wonders for breaking the ice with someone. If you can get the other person laughing, even if it’s some corny joke, you’ll get many more messages. People are drawn to others who are laid back and funny. They don’t want someone uptight who doesn’t know the meaning of fun. They probably just got out of a relationship with someone like that. So try to make them laugh any way you can. It’s not hard. You can even quote a funny movie if you’re not that creative.

2. Create Hype With Your Profile

If you want more responses than ever, you’ll want to think of your online dating profile as sort of a book blurb. When you pick up a new book in the bookstore, you usually turn it over or read the inside flap to get some idea of what that book’s about. These blurbs are usually exciting and give just enough away so as to hook the person and draw them in. soon, they can’t help but buy that book because they can’t wait to read more.

This is how you’ll want to write your online dating profile, too. Don’t give everything away about yourself. You’ll have nothing to talk about when you finally do go on an offline date. Instead, give just enough information to pique the reader’s interest. If you can create a sense of mystery and intrigue and you can build some hype, you’ll see your inbox fill up in no time.

3. Write About Who You’re Looking For

If you want better results with online dating, you’ll want to put in your online dating profile who you’re looking for. Whether the person has to have black hair, has to be Asian, has to have a good job, or anything else, let all the viewers of your profile know what you want. This will save you time because you won’t be wasting it fielding messages from people who are definitely not who you’re searching for.

4. Use a Hook

This tip kind of goes with the book blurb example. But by using a hook, this means writing something at the end of your online dating profile that piques interest and makes people really want to respond. You might say you’re taking a survey of anyone who’s had bad experiences and that you want to hear their stories, you might ask a riddle, or you might ask a question that relates to something happening in the world today.

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