Sex Toys for the Guys

There are a lot of toys out there for girls but what is really out there that guys can try and have fun with. Although guys can always use vibrators and dildos too, there are some toys out there which most guys should try and enjoy if they can get the chance to.

Fleshlights and Vaginas

If you can pick one of these up using a code then they aren’t too expensive to give a go. There are fleshlights, tengas and other options but the Fleshlight is the most well known and has plenty of options to pick from. These are basically vagina toys you can fuck but there are mouths and butts too, lifelike and non lifelike entrances, as well as different textures inside. Basically there is plenty of pick from and to see what you enjoy. These often need a lot of lube so be sure to grab some of that too! These definitely make a difference from just using your hand but can be a pain to clean up.

Prostate toys

If you’re not afraid to put something up your bum, then prostate toys offer an amazing option. There is the male G spot up there and once you find it you’ll be cumming like crazy. Its pretty intense as the guys mention but if you’re willing to experiment there is a lot of pleasure and fun to be had either on your own or with someone giving you a helping hand. There are plenty of toys that will stimulate the prostate and they range in size from pretty small, to scarily large.

Sex Dolls

These can be used by guys also. And there are many sex doll shops, such as Fansdolls shop & oksexdoll ,Fansdolls, love dolls add huge excitement to your sex life, whether you chose to use them alone, or with another person or people, but best of all they can be used to fulfils all sexual wants, needs and fantasies.

Cock Rings

These can come in different varieties including metal ones, rubber stretchy ones, ones with vibrating parts on (to be enjoyed alone or with a partner). You will want to get one that fits you and either goes at the base of your penis or around the entire balls too. These can make you harder, last longer and intensify the feelings you experience. But make sure you don’t keep them on too long since they work by restricting the blood flow!

If you’re willing to experiment then there is plenty of stuff out there to try on your own and with partners, so find what you enjoy and experiment and be safe :).

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