Review of the popular dating sites: Badoo,, Tinder, Facebook

Badoo: Nice site with a little life hack.

Badoo is a dating site with a fairly modern interface. To some extent, the service even reminds you of the desktop version of the trendy Tinder. Besides, new users are constantly signing up on the site, especially those between the ages of 20-25, so the percentage of young people has increased significantly, which was not the case only three years ago.

Badoo also works as a multi-platform app, but it has a lot of unnecessary notifications, that after a while begin to annoy you a lot (unless you turned them off), with the constant notifications about who liked your photo or how many messages have you received. In the desktop version, there are also notifications, but it is much easier to close with them there.

And the site also has one life hack – pretend that you want to delete your account. They will clarify the reasons and offer you the premium version completely free for three days, if only you stay.
Why do that? Because this will open up new opportunities: you will see which of the users liked your profile, which means you can choose from those who are already interested in you. Save you much time of your life.

The profiles also have a rating, although it is difficult to understand the algorithm behind it, they promised that it depends on your activity on the dating site. However, you can not log in to the app for a month and see the rating higher than if you were sitting for weeks on end.

Luvfree: with the spirit of the old school.

Luvfree has a “classic” design. At first glance, the design may seem old-fashioned, but the simple and straightforward interface makes up for this disadvantage. And lovers of a cozy and nostalgic old school style, on the contrary, can attribute the design to one of the pleasant advantages.

Of the downsides, it is worth noting that the dating site does not have a large user base, which can confuse people who are accustomed to big online numbers. However, a strict anti-scam policy and good support have attracted many loyal users from all over the world.

Also, Luvfree doesn’t have a system of connection from mutual given likes, so you can write whoever you want whenever you want. This favorably distinguished this free dating site from many others, but keep in mind that this feature works both ways.

Local singles in the USA:

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and much more cities.

Tinder: a simple smartphone app.

The mechanics are well known: you choose a city and then flip through photos of people who also want to meet somewhere nearby. Do you like the person in the picture? If you swipe to the right side of the screen, you show that you are interested and you can start texting with them, if this sympathy is mutual. And if you don’t like someone, you can swipe to the left side, and you never see them again. The chat becomes available only if the sympathies coincide.

Also, keep in mind that there is a large percentage of young people here: about 85% of registered users are between 18 and 34 years old. But you can easily select the gender and age of those you see in the app. For example, you can choose only men between 24 and 27 years old on this dating app.

But in situations where a girl meets a girl, this can often go like a kind of friendly exchange of compliments, nothing more. If you have plans for a serious relationship there, it will be easier to use thematic groups in social networks or other dating apps.

Of course, there are successful cases: 28-year-old Eva found a boyfriend on Tinder and has been in a relationship with him for years. But it’s not that simple. Before that, she had been searching very actively for a long time: the number of her dates had long passed fifty.
Eva advises spending time on an online conversation before IRL meetings because it helps to avoid an unpleasant surprise(and even more wasted time).

Facebook Groups: A good option if you are about 30.

The main thing in this is to choose a group that seems the most suitable for you. You can find the most popular options by just typing the word “dating” into the search.

One of the interesting examples is a musical date where you rate your future partner not by photo or biography, but by music in their playlist.

There are even more varied options – groups with acquaintances based on religion and beliefs. But we advise you to be careful with them: as a rule, in addition to the target audience, such communities also attract many haters.

And there are also lots of great adult dating sites like #Waiting Pussy# where you can find local pussy that wants to hook-up for some serious fun.

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