Perth’s Best Italian Restaurants

Many people know that Italy is one of the world’s best countries for food. Italian cuisine is recognized around the globe for its fresh ingredients, unique flavors, and variety of dishes. It comes as no surprise then that there are many fantastic Italian restaurants in Perth!

Perth is a beautiful city with many great things to do and see. One thing that the locals love to do on the weekend is going out for some good Italian food! Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an evening of entertainment, Perth has plenty of options. In this blog post, we’ll discuss three restaurants in Perth that are worth checking out if you want really great Italian cuisine – just make sure to bring your appetite!

Lulu La Delizia – Subiaco:

Lulu La Delizia is a restaurant in Subiaco that serves up some of the best Italian food you’ll find in Perth. The menu offers many traditional choices, but there are also plenty of unique dishes to choose from as well! One great thing about Lulu La Delizia is its location. It’s located right near Subiaco Oval, which makes it a great place to enjoy some Italian food before going to the footy.

MoVida – Leederville:

If you’re looking for something a little more on the trendy side, then MoVida is definitely your spot! This restaurant in Leederville has an upbeat atmosphere that’s perfect for either a romantic date or a night out with friends. The menu is also very unique – it offers dishes that are perfect for sharing!

Galileo Buona Cucina – Shenton Park:

For those looking for a more intimate dining experience, Galileo Buona Cucina is the way to go! This restaurant in Shenton Park has an amazing atmosphere that’s perfect for special occasions. The menu also offers several different delicious dishes and drinks so you will definitely want to try something new. So what are you waiting for?

Ischia – Highgate:

Ischia is another fantastic Italian restaurant in Perth that deserves to be mentioned. This gem of a place is located just outside Highgate and offers up some excellent food, including wood-fired pizzas! Ischia also has an awesome wine list so you can enjoy an evening with friends while enjoying delicious drinks as well. Whether it’s date night or just a night out with friends, this restaurant is the place to go!

Aglio – Victoria Park:

Last but not least on our list of Italian restaurants in Perth is Aglio. This cozy little spot in Victoria Park has an amazing menu that includes both classic dishes and unique ones as well. It’s also located right near the river so it’s a great place to take advantage of Perth’s beautiful weather.

Birraz Ristobar – Mount Hawthorn:

Birraz Ristobar is a great place for Italian food in Mount Hawthorn. This restaurant has some pretty unique dishes including seafood pasta, osso buco, and salmon bruschetta so you’ll definitely want to try them all!

No Mafia – Northbridge:

No Mafia in Northbridge is a great Italian restaurant with an excellent atmosphere and menu. This place has some amazing pizzas that you definitely won’t want to miss out on! It also offers other delicious dishes such as lasagne, grilled fish, chicken wings, and more so there’s something for everyone here.

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar – Northbridge:

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar is another great Italian restaurant in Northbridge. This place has some delicious and authentic dishes that you’ll definitely want to try! The menu also includes a number of different kinds of pasta so no matter what your favorite dish is, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Ciao – Victoria Park:

Ciao is a great place for Italian food in Victoria Park. This restaurant has an extensive menu full of classic dishes that are perfect if you’re looking to enjoy some good, home-cooked food! Be sure to come hungry because the servings here tend to be quite large – it’s definitely worth coming back for more later on too!

Cecchi’s – Inglewood:

Cecchi’s is a fantastic Italian restaurant in Inglewood. If you’re looking for some great food and an amazing atmosphere, this place will definitely meet your needs! The menu includes delicious pizza as well as other unique dishes, so you’ll never get tired of coming back here.

The Black Olive – Perth:

Another great Italian restaurant in Perth is The Black Olive. This cozy little spot offers up some amazing food and drinks that you won’t want to miss out on. It also has a very unique atmosphere so it’s perfect for special occasions or just an evening with friends!


This list of Italian restaurants in Perth will definitely leave you wanting more! From cozy little spots to fantastic fine dining, there’s something for everyone here. Italian cuisine cannot go out of style, so you’ll always want to make sure that it’s included in your next night out! What are you waiting for?

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