No More Overweight Teenagers – Start Them Young With Healthier Lifestyle

With this trend of an overweight population due to inactivity and sedentary lifestyle, parents should start young with their children in showing how to lead a healthier lifestyle. Before convincing the kids, this article will first convince parents why you need your teenagers to be fit and physically active.

Keeping the teenagers fit is now the trend in most households. And convincing them to follow the trend could be as simple as buying a family gym membership.

Being physically active makes children more confident and even smarter. This reason is perhaps enough already to make you convinced of the role of starting them early in engaging in physical activities. A study involving 11, 957 teenagers revealed that those participants who played sports were less likely to participate in some risky activities. Ina addition, these same participants who are physically active have better self-esteem.

Athletic children are reported to have better grades when compared to inactive counterparts. This was according to a research done by University of North Carolina.

Exposing the teens to physical activities and sports allow them to be exposed in team building and interaction with their folks. Furthermore, it gives them the experience of hard work; thus, making them realize how important hard work in real life.

Stop the TV time starting today. Instead of bringing up couch potatoes, parents must find ways to get the family active together. This time can hit two birds with one stone. You allow your teens to be healthy and you all enjoy a bonding time together with the whole family.

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