Google Announcement Signals Big Business for Match Group

Alphabet, the parent company of Google has announced that fees for app developers will be lowered.

The news is welcome for developers and for investors. Match Group who have historically shelled out millions per year in fees will be particularly pleased about this news.

Match’s stock leaped 14% after Google’s announcement though this has since levelled out somewhat.

The changes will take place in 2022 – previously, Google Play was snatching 30% of subscription fees – an arguably massive slice of profits.

Fees will soon be lowered to 15% and considering Match Group makes a lot of its profits from in-app charges, this should result in big gains for Match.

Many questioned Google’s charges and asked if they were fair or were they taking advantage of the stranglehold which Google has on developers.

Talking of fairness, Match Group has more than once found itself at the center of controversy and has had varied reviews in terms of its own moral standards.

One of the worst entanglements was that which involved Whitney Wolfe Herd who was at the time of her run-in, an executive in charge of marketing at Tinder.

Along with her two co-founders, Justin Mateen and Sean Rad, Wolfe Herd played a huge role in Tinder’s rapid rise to the top and when it all went wrong, it did so spectacularly.

Wolfe Herd had dated Mateen during their time at Tinder and the romance ended acrimoniously.

It was then that things began to turn sour. Mateen, embittered, sent Wolfe Herd a slew of abusive text messages and when she turned to CEO Rad for support, she found there was none.

Instead, Rad ignored her situation and called her “dramatic”.

Wolfe Herd was also called a “whore” and belittled as a “girl founder” who would not be taken seriously in the world of business.

She responded by bringing a case against Tinder which was settled out of court. But perhaps her biggest revenge was in starting Bumble, an app which has had enormous success and resulted in Wolfe Herd becoming the first female, self-made billionaire under 30.

Rad’s treatment of Wolfe Herd was bad enough but following this scandal he went on to commit many more gaffes and embarrassed himself in the press more than once.

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