Why Male Chastity Is Being Used

When most people hear the word chastity, they generally think of the middle ages and the metal cages that men were allegedly forced to wear to protect their wives or daughters’ virtue. In reality, academics are split on whether or not chastity devices were commonly utilized during this period, assuming they ever existed at all.

A device to control the sexual freedom of male

  • Chastity devices are very real today. On specialized websites, there are hundreds of goods to pick from, ranging from metal devices with a lock and key to smart devices operated via an app. Chastity kink encompasses a wide range of activities, from foreplay to being locked up in a physical apparatus for a brief length of time.
  • When a partner has control over a man’s sexual freedom for days, weeks, or even months at a time. Almost all of these gadgets are designed for men. So, while chastity may have begun as a means of restricting and managing female sexuality, it now has a very different answer. Male chastity devices block access to the male sex organs, prohibiting masturbation, sexual intercourse, or orgasm, or inducing pain if an erection is obtained. They can be employed for either short- or long-term, as their question suggests.

It’s difficult to get data on how many men utilize male chastity devices, either short-term or long-term, as it is with any unique sexual behavior. This isn’t something they do expect to be asked about in a survey. However, this is a product area that has slowly grown in response to client demand over the last few years, starting with one and eventually carrying seven distinct lockable devices. The CB-6000 series of chastity devices are the most popular, as they are meant for long-term use.

Many people are concerned that they are the only one who engages in a sexual activity that is considered unconventional. If my work does anything, they hope it is to assist people to know that they are not alone in their desires and that there is a lot of variety in their sex life that never makes it into the mainstream culture debate on sex.

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