Reasons To Have Regular Sex During Quarantine

Making love with your partner helps in reducing stress. It is the best way of spending long blank hours when you are quarantined. However, having sex in the global pandemic goes against the CDC’s social distancing guidelines. But Dr. Oz (the TV medical expert of New York) said otherwise.

According to his medical observations, the best way to spend quarantine time is by having sex. It was stated around numerous benefits including to have a longer life, eliminate tension etc. If you don’t have a significant other yet you can always consider Dudley escorts to spend the quarantine with and practice regular sex.

There are plenty of reasons to have regular sex. Although, having sex during COVID-19 pandemic crisis seems like a different story with reasons supporting regular intimacy.

5 reasons to practice sex regularly during the quarantine.


Sex is a great work-out during coronavirus. It releases stress and tension which has reached a peak in everyone’s life due to global pandemic. During sex, your body releases hormones like oxytocin and endorphins which generates a good feel for both partners.

The world is already suffering so much from anxiety and depression and this pandemic has just increased it. The best way to get rid of your anxiety in this quarantine is to have regularsex.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Estrogen and testosterone level needs to be balanced. If even one becomes low, many heart problems can take place. However, sex helps in keeping the balance of the hormones equal and intact. Good sex boosts the heart rate and is good for the health of the heart.

Lowers The Blood Pressure

All this destruction of human lives globally has created a tensed situation for the ones who are alive and stuck at home. For adults, controlling blood pressure is by having regular healthy sex. they are the ones most vulnerable to blood pressure and other problems which can be controlled easily by having sex.

Kills Boredom

What is boredom when you can have sex?

In a lockdown situation, there is nothing better to do than ease your anxiety and have a little fun by practising sex. Don’t schedule it but make it a regular habit.


The time you promised your partner that was falling behind before quarantine is finally here. Enjoy the physical connection with your partner and have regular healthy sex.

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