How to open up to your partner about your kinks

When it comes to the world of sex and sexuality, kinks are going to be a natural thing you’re going to want to open up to your partner about. Whether you’re a bit vanilla in the bedroom or perhaps a little bit dirtier than your partner originally suspected if your partner truly loves you then they will accept you for who you are, kinks and all. Here are the best ways to open up to your partner about your sexual fetishes.

Ask for their opinion

If you are feeling a little nervous about immediately opening up about your fetishes, or maybe are feeling a bit worried about whether or not they will be into them, don’t just shove them directly in your partner’s face to start with. Instead, maybe pose the question about what they would think about a certain act. You can even watch some pornography together or discuss erotic stories about it. Don’t get offended if your partner is not very into it. A healthy sexual relationship will incorporate both of your sexual interests. Just be prepared to give a little to get a little.

Have an open-discussion about kinks

Honestly, one of the best things about being in a relationship or sexual relationship with anybody is the fact that you can talk about anything. Just get a glass of wine, sit down with your boyfriend, girlfriend or even your Harrow Escort and chat about whatever comes to mind. It’s great being able to open up to your lover about anything and everything. The weirdest stuff can come up in your conversations.

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Mainstream Media

TV and films are so full of raunchy sex these days, it’s hard to tell what’s vanilla and what’s kinky! Mainstream media has paved the way for a ton of sexual fantasies to just become normal. Just look at Fifty Shades of Grey and its effects on the world of BDSM. So, if you know there is a film that has your fetish in it, why not have a movie night with your lover to watch it? From there you can ask them how they felt about the fetish scenes. If you have an open discussion about it, you may find out that they enjoyed it more than you realised.

Sex Games

You can go to any sort of adult e-commerce shop and find love question card packs or sexy dice. Buying a sex game can add some entertainment to your sexy evening. However, if you want to go simpler, play a game of “Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light.” These categories are based on what you want to try, what you might want to try and what you don’t. After sharing your lists you can decide on what you both want to try first. It’s just that simple.

Ask them first

If you feel a little shy about exposing your fetishes straight off the bat, why not ask them about their fetishes first? Being in a relationship with someone tends to involve compromise, especially when it comes to your fetishes. Your partner will have their fetishes and maybe a little more open to trying yours if you do theirs first. 

The Erotic Map

No matter where you look on the internet, when it comes to the adult industry, there are going to be some posts that make for good entertainment, especially when they’re about your fetishes. One of these is “The Erotic Map.” Now, The Erotic Map is a map that is covered in different fetishes. Some of these fetishes are quite funny, others might leave you feeling a little queazy. But most importantly, there are a ton of them on there. That means that there’s a high chance that your fetish is going to be on there. Have some fun looking around the different fetishes before you get to your own. This is a great way to lead you into a conversation about it.

Are you ready to be honest with your lover? 

When it comes to your fetishes, you need to realise that each of them is extremely distinct and unique to you. A fetish is like a little hidden secret that is extremely personal. Some fetishes you would be willing to try, others you just want to keep to yourself. However, your partner should know about these fetishes, even if you don’t want to bring them to the bedroom. So, be honest and open with your lover. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Just have a good time and express yourself. They should understand. 

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