How To And Why Hire An Escort When On A Paris Tour?

Going to Paris for a summer vacation sounds exciting! Many people visiting Paris for the first time have a bucket list containing about 40 to 45 best experiences they want to feel the same. The City of Light has Louvre, Eiffel Towers, Montmartre, and more historical and cultural epicenters. The city also serves the best food and drinks during sightseeing. You can also add a little more adventure to your itinerary and hire an escort to experience the seductive side of Paris. 

Is sex work in Paris legal?

Since 2016, there was a ban on purchasing sex in France. Paying for sex today carries a heavy fine. It is illegal to run a brothel or other sexual activities that generate income. Therefore, legally street prostitution is turned down, but in several cities including Paris, it still exists. According to a survey, 20% of men paid for sex in their lifetime at least once. Out of 5, there is at least one who booked the services of some escort agency.

In Paris, there are no brothels but there are a lot of swing clubs like the Liberty Club, the Castle of Lys, the Dream Studio, the Le Cupidon, and more. Besides, there are erotic massage parlors, erotic theaters, and strip clubs. You will even find street prostitutes in the Pigalle and Bois de Boulogne districts. The prostitutes have their vans to offer services. However, it is risky to hire from the streets. The best way is to hire from an online escort agency like PanamEscorte. There are multiple reasons to hire escorts from an online agency. 

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Reasons to hire from the online escort agency

  • It is more convenient and accessible.
  • The agency ensures that the personal detail of their clientele is never revealed, so you can enjoy the encounter with a beautiful escort without any concerns about discreetness.
  • There are a plethora of attractive and sexy escorts for customers to choose from. There are all kinds of girls including slim, brunette, blonde, short, and more. 
  • Remember they all have undergone strict hiring criteria set by the escort agency
  • Agency even offers professional services like identify an escort that fulfills your needs. 
  • The girls on their list are well-trained in seduction, elegance, and sensuality.
  • Escort agency charges high in comparison to street prostitutes or independent escort services but you attain background checked escort girls. It is worth the money!

If you are going to Paris alone then hire a professional escort in advance. You can have her waiting for you at the airport. She can be your attractive tourist guide. You can enjoy the walk across the historic city with a sexy girl on your side. Language is also not an issue for many because they are multilingual. You will surprise at their intellectual conversations. 

 Never judge escorts! 

She hardly needs to dress to look attractive, it is her communication style and smartness that makes you feel overjoyed and entertained. Escorts have a well-educated background and the art to keep customers engaged across the day and night. Your needs and choices are prioritized, which makes you feel pampered. It is not necessary to go in a sexual encounter – she can be your date companion, dinner partner, or friend. 

 Guiding fundamentals to choose an escort in Paris 

 Check her legal age

Minors cannot take part in the escort sector. Ensure that the escort you prefer has acquired the legal age for encountering sex. Paid sex is similar to prostitution, so the laws of ban apply. Therefore never hire a young escort to avoid the surprise of dealing with the law and hefty penalty.

Research the website

A reliable escort agency has its website, where you will find a preferred girl. Visit the different blog sexe centerblog pages to see the type of services offered. A reliable escort agency is transparent and ensures that no fake details and photos are posted on their website. There are also a few illegitimate agencies that top on Google’s result page, so it is essential to do proper research and read reviews. 

You can even try their online chat service and ask for a resolution to your doubts. Monitor how much time they take to respond. You can even check their daily traffic – more traffic means a high ranking. Even ensure the agency has no law enforcement issues. 

Check review sites

There are several review and rating sites that cover the escort world. They rank and review the escort agency based on a list of criteria. You get an idea of the level of service to expect. Such sites are also a victim to anonymous comments and testimonials. Do the research and read reviews, you will get something close to reality!

Check the escort girl

A reliable escort agency offers privacy to the girls as well as customers. However, they have a list, where customers can see the model’s pictures and descriptions. She describes her likes and dislikes, education, language, and more. Ensure that the photo posted is genuine. Generally, successful escorts have confidence, so they post their real images. They are aware that they will not last long in this business cheating customers. 

Learn escort lingo

Professional escorts use a unique language, so know these words before you contact her. It will give the feel that you are knowledgeable and you acquire the pleasure you desire. For example, the term outcall means you meet her at a hotel or park you chose, while an incall indicates you will meet at her hotel room or apartment. PSE is an abbreviation for ‘Porn Star Experience’, while GFE means ‘Girlfriend Experience’. 

Special requests

Some men desire to have their fantasy fulfilled or want to take her to a specific event. You need to discuss this requirement with the escort agency. For example, if you have to attend a big business event, then you will need a well-educated lady, who is aware of party etiquette. Therefore talk about your special request with the agency or the escort, so they are prepared for it. 

 Treat an escort with respect and they will repay you with great services. Never negotiate about rates because it indicates you don’t value them. How much you enjoy with an escort depends on your behavior! 

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