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For those who may think how you watch pornstar videos doesn’t matter, think again, because it can really make a big difference. The pornstar industry is so active with constant new content that keeps on flooding the internet, and if you aren’t well versed on the best way to browse through it all, it can make it hard for you to find the videos and pornstars that appeal to you beyond just the general suggestions.

So here are some of your best options on how to watch pornstar videos:

1. Watching Free Porn

You don’t need to look very far to find free porn online. It’s pretty much slapping you in the face anytime you browse ad-filled websites after all. Not to mention, the most famous and most popular streaming site, “Porn-Hub” has millions of videos, be it escort or amateur videos and they are all available for free, at no cost to you whatsoever!

2. Paying For Premium Membership

Paid porn websites always offer a better value for your viewing experience. It’s similar to find out the news from a social media account to getting a detailed article from CNN. The quality offered is more detailed; better packaging, higher quality and the offering/choices available in terms of pornstars are endless. Plus, with everything so easily categorized, it makes the browsing process so much easier and you also don’t have to worry about annoying pop up ads, or dangerous malware taking hold of your computer. It’s a safe and professional viewing experience!

3. Browse Reddit

As with most things, crowd sourced searches make looking for good porn easier, especially if you don’t yet really know who or what you particularly like. You see, Reddit hosts thousands of discussion boards that are primarily targeted to posting and sharing “NSFW” content, from video clips to high quality GIFS. What’s more is, most pornstars have their own private reddit pages that just have content specially focused on them making it an actually good source to watch their videos or at least, pin point the type of videos that you like which you can then search for the full videos somewhere else. What’s more is, if you’re looking for targeted content, like say videos of pornstars orgasming, there’s reddit threads that only specifically deal in that type of content. It’s sort of like the pornstar community coming together and providing you with the content you want/need, without having to search for it yourself!

4. Browse Twitter

If you didn’t know, now you know, you can actually browse twitter and watch pornstar videos on your phone! The social media platform does not outrightly ban pornographic content, making it one of the few social media platforms that still allows this. What’s more is, there’s been a rising trend of people actually preferring to watch porn on their Twitter accounts than on pornstar sites. The reason being that nowadays the concept of incognito porn isn’t really reliable, as it doesn’t actually hide your activity from your network provider. What’s more is, by browsing pornstar videos on Twitter, it’s convenient to watch on your phone due to the ease of use and you can follow your favorite pornstars, interact with their posts and even private message them if you want!

So, if you haven’t already, why not try out these methods! You might find one that suits you and your pornstar watching preferences perfectly!

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