Expert advice by cityguide for keeping your relationship on the high note

Is your loving partner is losing her mind during a lockdown or it is not working anymore?

Then what you are doing to settle things easily?

At this quarantine period, there may circumstances where your boss has killed you many times over the Zoom app, or your parents are not stopping themselves with the shopping and even your dating partner has left a towel wet on her bed again. You suddenly started shouting but then you realized how stressful your life is under the lockdown period.

So it’s time for you to overcome the frustration level regardless of your lingering problems (if you have seriously) with the help of cityguide tips and tactics.

Few steps can give a boost to your dating and relationship in this period of lockdown.

Giving space for understanding: it is very important in an intimate relation

The couple’s need to have some space for each other is more crucial than ever when you are just starting. With the double dynamics of emotional dependency & individuality, you can have a long-lasting healthy relationship with the partner.

Distance is always vital for the relationship to have a boost

If you seriously want to be in a good relationship then cityguide advice you to focus on your emotions & feelings. If you are inside a single bedroom with your partner then keeping a distance doesn’t mean that you or your partner should find a new house here the different version of space is important. Likewise, your headphones can be a tool to make a distance, watching different shows is a distance cooking a solo meal is a kind of distance.

But remember to stay connected!

Set aside a beautiful moment or give special time to your dating partner from the busy schedule to make it somehow different than the other time you spend usually can help you in making things better & better.

Get crystal clear about your feeling

For getting strong on the dating and relationship, the cityguide advice you to get crystal clear about your feelings or emotions as it is not about falling in love on a temporary note that may fade away within a week. You need to choose your words & moments wisely to hit the goal completely.

With a true sense of love & affection, you can proceed accordingly and ideally, you should have few dates to produce bonding hormones.










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