What Kind of Behavior to Avoid When You are with An Escort?

It is better to learn the right way of dealing with escorts. Get familiar with what things to avoid altogether when with an escort, so that you don’t get kicked out. 

On respect

An escort is not a whore. They offer sex services as a profession and you just pay for their time. You don’t pay to own then. There are some creepy men, who are abusive. There are even gentlemen, who come from great profession hiring escorts because they miss something’s in life which these girls can offer. To get respect it is necessary to give respect. 

On negotiating

When you see Chinese camgirls, there are premium escorts with great profiles available to hire. However, you will see the rates on their webpage but make sure not to negotiate or haggle. It is not a bargain deal nor are they a piece of property!

You’ll also see many tranny call girls and boys, whom you could hire. Trans in Paris are very popular among men and women tourists. They not only look attractive, but are amazingly talented in bed to make your date the most memorable on. 

On refunds

Many guys feel cheated because they ejaculated quickly and did not get more time to spend. Actually, it is not her fault, she is not in charge of your body but is following your lead. If you want a refund then ask before she takes off her clothes. After this point, there is no question of getting a refund. 

Will I have an orgasm? Some guys ask this stupid question. Actually, there are some men who suffer from ED and cannot cum, so they trick her to give some guarantee. 

On boundaries

Never ask her to cross boundaries, which has been clearly provided. In case, she has said no bareback service means even if you offer her the statue of liberty, she will never budge. There are extra services offered, during a session but which are within their boundaries. 

On safety

Never every try to remove your condom half-way or slit it open because an escort has handled such stupidity often. As soon as, she discovers this you will be told to leave instantly. There will not be any refund either. Moreover, if you behave strangely, the word will spread among the escort community very fast. 

On trying to scam her donation

She will count cash given and if you suggest to count it after you are gone then it is a red flag for her. She will kick you out. It is essential that you keep the exact amount as agreed to keep in an envelope. She does not carry any change, so come prepared!

On disclosure

Never conceal your medical condition because there may a chance of a stroke during wild sex. If the escort is familiar with your health conditions or the medication you are using then she can handle the encounter better and you will enjoy it without any concern.

On expectations

If the escort that you see is not the same as you saw in the photo or was promised then don’t stay. Go away politely. It is your experience and money, so if you are unhappy then leave before money changes hands. 

On hygiene

If an escort asks you to take a shower then never feel insulted. She has to deal with all the smell down there, so freshen up. If you get time then it is wise to groom yourself and take efforts just like she makes an effort in looking attractive for her customers. You will get the reward, during the encounter. 

Be a gentleman! The encounter is about you but never act like a badass! 

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