Three Methods to You When Figuring Out How to Know If a Guy Likes You

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Body Language

Body language offers one way for a woman to tell if a guy is interested. Women typically show 50 different signs when they like a guy, but men only use ten. If the guy looks at you all the time, you know he is interested. Men who raise their eyebrows when looking at a woman are definitely interested, but women often miss this. Guys who make eye contact with a woman or look at their face a lot want to know more about her. Additionally, men interested in a woman will lean closer to her or position himself so they are standing near each other.

Men smile more when they are around a woman they like. They subconsciously smile because they are happy and can’t hide it. In addition, they may groom themselves to appear more attractive. When standing by a woman he is interested in, a man turns his hands or feet toward that woman. When sitting, he’ll keep his hands on his hips or sit with open legs as a way to impress her. These are only a few of many ways a man expresses his interest through body language and there are several others.

Eye Contact

Women often assume a man is interested when they make and hold eye contact. However, shy men often look at a woman they are interested in and then look away as soon as she glances over. When you do make eye contact, pay attention to where his eyes go. If they move down to your mouth, he wants to get to know you better. When a man breaks eye contact though and looks away, he’s not that interested.

Men will look to the left, look at the women, and then look to the right to show that he’s very attracted. However, women need to recognize when a man is too shy to make eye contact and hold it. In this situation, the man looks at her but breaks eye contact every time she looks his way.


Men like to talk about themselves and do so quite a bit when they are interested in a woman. They want to impress her. However, some men hesitate to do so for several reasons. They may be shy or worry that they will embarrass themselves by doing something wrong. If there is any doubt, talk quietly. See if he leans toward you or moves away. If he leans in, he’s interested.

Women need to pay attention to the men around them. If a man acts differently around her than he does around others, he either wants to get to know her better or he wants to avoid her at all costs. It’s easy to tell which the case is by watching for the three things mentioned above. It’s simply a matter of paying attention to the signs he is sending out.

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