The Pisces Goddess Transmits Nurturing Love to You

It’s fabulous to be elevated to a Goddess, the most loving aspect of myself. Love, I know well, as it’s one of the two prevalent energies that I embody and transmit to you, especially when it’s my time on the Zodiac Stage. There’s a big shift going on inside of me though with regard to the Love that I’m emitting to you.

Piscean Age

As you might remember, I was the leader of the Zodiac not long ago, and I did say “leader” as in leaders and followers. This was during my era, the Piscean Age. I was the leader for over 2100 years, only relinquishing the Zodiac staff in 1994 to Aquarius; at which time the Aquarian Age commenced.

God of Will My Superior Then

My superior was the God of Will whose energy manifested a patriarch civilization. He was the kingpin and I followed his bidding exactly. I dispensed my Willful Love to you, teaching you to surrender and Love the God of Will completely. I taught you to let the God of Will into your heart, filling yourself up with his energy, letting him direct your life. I taught you to be just like the God of Will, becoming warriors developing your strength, power and courage to the zenith. You became his follower and converted any heathens or non-believers to his name. Now I did a really good job, if I must say so myself in my Emperor stance, the second in command only to the Lord or God on high.

God of Will in Aquarian Age

Even when the Piscean Era ended and the Aquarian Age began, the God of Will was still the authority. Instead of me, Aquarius became the second in command, still doing the God of Will’s bidding. Now you may understand why even though the Aquarian Age was firmly entrenched, so many bigger and better inventions were created to win wars. There was no better way to develop your power and your strength than through wars. Also, being willing to sacrifice yourself in the name of God was a most high ideal.

Goddess of Love Inspires Matriarch Eras

The Goddess of Love only arrived permeating the physical realm as of March 2011. Another round of a matriarch civilization is now emerging on Mother Earth.

The last time there was a matriarch epoch was when Thurban in the Draco constellation was Mother Earth’s pole star, during the Gemini Age. Gemini, like me, is an embodiment of Love Energy. One of the prophecies is that Mother Earth’s pole star will shift again as this matriarch civilization becomes more anchored. One prediction even shifts the new pole star to one in the Southern Hemisphere, as the Northern Hemisphere energies more activate your mind and your physical body. The energies of the Southern Hemisphere awaken your emotions and intuition.

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