Tech and Sex is a thing now

Even the most intimate desire of human is now invaded by technology as “smart” sex toys are coming into the (fore)play. Various modes and features are brought to the adult toy category that made more confusions than benefits compared to other tech-enabled products.

Yes, I know. Technology and connectivity are a big thing now. Innovators are continuously trying to link every aspects of life for the said benefits of “convenience.” I am one of the advocates tbh. But when it comes to my intimate time, I still prefer the minimalistic approach.

Then why you are using sex toys, you may argue. Well, vibrators and masturbators are not necessarily hi-tech, are they? It’s just an object with a vibrating motor or shaped to fit a dick. There is nothing fancy about them.

But now sex toys are getting fancy. Instead of the old-school fear of tech to revolutionise life, I am rather confused to introducing extravagant features to something that is intimate like sex. From bare minimal desire of human, or animals in general, sex has been a taboo for many people, not to mention publicly discussing it.

The new trend in this quiet area, however, is very loud since introduction. One of the most noticeable companies are We-Vibe. Advertised as a sex toy that can arouse your partner even if you’re thousands of miles away, this toy seems to be a solution for long distance relationships.

As a tech advocate, I was amused to hear such innovative take to a problem that strike many couples. Think deeply, though, can a wirelessly activated vibrator really solve the root of the problem, namely the warmth and feeling from your partner beside you? I just don’t feel like it.

Before getting too attached to love relationship, I shall move on to the connectivity side. Linking everything to your phone is an irreversible movement that I do not oppose. The “little pocket computer” (gettin old skool here) to offer an easy-to-use interface to control and provides unique functionalities to devices is highly welcomed to enhance a product. The catch is, though, the product should not be over-reliant on the phone.

Some of the connected devices, not just sex toys particularly, can only be used with an app. I am totally not fond of using my phone when I can get some self-pleasure time, you got me? There’s just some moment in life when you want to get away from the buzz and focus on your own self. Pleasuring is sadly one of them.

Am I fully objecting tech and sex? This is the confusing part. The fact is, these tech-enhanced toys are actually quite well designed and featured. Notification on low power is great to prevent mishaps when you need to use it. And the well-thought-out shape, despite not really discreet, can enhance your experience, exactly what sex toys should be good at.

After all, using tech in sex toys boils down to this notion – give me the features, but get rid of the phone. I found it very fine to set up a profile on an app, then just enjoy myself without the need to control the toy with a phone.

In case you wonder, I got sex toys for myself and my partner from SexyDevil. Its affordable price and same-day shipping are wanderlust when I need a new adult toy. The shipping package is also very low-profile that my mom did not notice when she signed the package during her visit.

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