Snapsext: A Guide to Safe Sexy Texting

Let us be perfectly clear here: Sexy texting or sexting, in short, will never be 100% safe, but more and more people are going to do it anyway because of modern technology. That is fine because we believe that having an adventurous sex life is an excellent way to keep the relationship exciting and intact.

People will always be taking some form of risk when they receive or send naughty pictures, videos, or messages. If someone doesn’t want to risk their private lives from getting exposed to the public, they should not be sexy texting other people. For a lot of individuals who are risky enough to start sexy texting, these tips can help them make their sexy messages more secure.

What is sexy texting, and why are more and more people starting to do it?

While there are individuals who define this activity as sharing explicit or nude videos and photos only, experts define sexy texting or sexting as sending texts with sexual nature. Even if you are not sharing risqué videos or pictures, a torrid exchange of messages is still considered as sexting, and it still carries risks of embarrassment.

The answer to the question, why a lot of people do this activity, is pretty simple: it is exciting and fun. Not only that, but it is also pretty easy to do, and it is thrilling in its own right. For couples who are in a long-distance relationship, this activity can help keep the communication, as well as the sexual desire between partners, stay healthy.

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For other people, it is just another way to show their intimacy. After all, a lot of people use chat and text messages all the time, and it is also natural to use it in our love lives. People also need to consider that it cannot spread STDs or sexually transmitted diseases or directly lead to an accidental pregnancy. There are times that the rewards of this activity outweigh the risks – it is up to the sender of these risqué messages to decide.

Consent is essential and sexy

According to experts, this activity is all about two adults, engaging in a consensual sexual, arousing behavior. The vital part of this statement is the word “consensual.” This activity needs to be wanted and enjoyable by both parties. If it is just one part who enjoys sending unsolicited sexual photos or messages to another party without their consent, then it is just screaming sexual harassment.

Like in real life, people have to make sure that the other party is into this kind of scenario before they start sending sexy photos, videos, or even texts. That is why, before taking these risqué photos or videos and sending text messages, make sure to make serious conversations with the other party with whom you wish to have sexy texting. Make sure they are as excited as you. It is more fun when both parties feel safe. It is not just a must-read review, but also a safety tip.

Communication and trust

Even if you are sending “Not Safe for Work” messages to your wife or husband for a few years, experts recommend having discussions about safety and expectations when it comes to this activity. Just like when you are talking about Sexually Transmitted Disease testing and other problems that are related to safety and health with your partner, make sure to speak with them frankly about doing this activity before doing it.

Do people like sending dirty texts, or do they like sending flirty photos or videos? Do they want to ensure their partner only sends them text messages when they are at home? What efforts they are going to do to help protect both their privacy? To do this, make sure to set some ground rules and do not be afraid to refuse options that will make you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

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It is better to voice out these types of concerns and honor the limits both parties put forward. Some individuals engage in this activity as part of their adventurous dating life. It means that they may be sexy texting with people they hardly know. Experts do not condemn it, but it is too risky.

If you are going to send these sexy messages to people you barely knew, make sure to take extra precautions. Consider using messaging services that are not tied to your phone number, home address, or real name. Not only that, make sure to hold back any images, videos, or messages that can be used to identify your face.

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