Schediaphilia: Why People Spend More Time Watching Animated Porn Than the Conventional Ones

As irrelevant as some people think that animated porn videos are, you will be amazed at how many people watch them. It is fast becoming an industry of its own, PornHub: the world’s largest online pornographic site in 2013 disclosed that search for their animated porn video section increased by 80%, more reason their content developers increased their output over time. The activity didn’t stop there. In 2016, the same section was listed on their top 10 most searched videos, with Hentai videos topping the list.

While some people think these animated characters are too attractive and over-sexualized, Fight The New Drug group released a shocking revelation that over 42 billion internet users visited the PornHub platform in 2019, with the animated porn section receiving the most visitors. But as appealing as the characters may be, it comes with so many shades. The act of being sexually attracted to these animated porn videos is called Schediaphilia. There has been a rising argument on normalizing animated porn amongst children, a situation that has generated heated debates across different cultures.

Reasons Why Many People Prefer Animated Porn

1.    Visual Appeal

One of the commonest reasons adults take to watching animated porn is the visual appeal it brings. The human brain is designed to easily get atoned to animated objects or characters, so children are easily attracted to them. This applies to adults as well; most adults love porn, and when it is being converted to animation, it gives them that visual appeal children get from watching cartoons, with a lot of sexual allure.

2.    The Fantasy

Adults love to fantasize during sex, more reason they surf the internet looking for something that beats their current imagination – animated porn videos give them that feeling: that feeling of cartoons or any other animated characters having sex. These videos can also work as a sexual stimulator to many, giving them that sexual fantasy.

3.    Nostalgia

Most people are so glued to their childhood experiences that it can be very hard to let go. Most childhood nostalgia is mostly linked to cartoons, more reason some of these adults prefer cartoons to normal movies. So, coming close to animated porn videos resonates that feeling, and who knows? Snow White could be their first romantic figure as kids.


As fun as animated porn videos can be, there are still side effects. One of the popular ones is addiction. So, do your best to limit your porn consumption, be it human or animated porn. There should also be a kind of censorship to avoid getting to the reach of children; although some cultures may have different opinions, it is still the right to do.

Again, in as much as animated porn videos can serve as a quick fix for one’s sexual desires, scientists have warned that it can also lead to brain damage, which comes as a result of constant masturbation.  It can also cause compulsive behaviour in adults, worst-case scenario, making them exhibit some childish attributes.

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