How sexual assault takes place

The rape takes place when two or more persons involved in sex without the consent of the other. It is one of the biggest crimes in all countries. This generally happens if it is carried by physical force, or when a person is blackmailed for some activities.

How to judge a rape under the law?

According to the jurisdiction the sexual contact is said to be rape when a man without a concent of women penetrate her for nonconsensual orifice. This is a serious crime for which the court has made a strict law in many countries. Some of the activities which state the act is said to be a rape are:

  1. When sex happens without a concent
  2. When someone enters into sexual activities on a gunpoint or is forced by someone to perform under some threat.
  3. If a husband forcefully performs sexual activities with her wife then this act is also considered to be a rape and strict actions have to be taken against him.
  4. When a girl is drugged or drunk intentionally and then enters into sexual contact, is also considered to be a rape.
  5. If a girl is under a statutory age and involves a sexual activity then it is also considered to be a rape. Also, statutory rape in Colorado is a sexual activity in which a girl who is under 17 years of age and enters into a sexual contact forcefully.  

Type of rape crime

  1. Rape and murder– This is one of the serious offenses in which the girl is raped and murdered. The person who has rapped the victim feels thereat of disclosure of rape in the public.  This is is a serious crime where the accused is fined and sent to jail for a lifetime.
  2. Gang rape– Gang rape happens when more than two men rapped a girl without her consent and torture her physically and mentally. Here also accused is penalized for 20 years of imprisonment and a huge fine for the victim’s family.

When these types of activities happen, the victim should not sit at home and wait for something good to happen. They must hire a lawyer who may file a case against the criminals and send them behind the bars. Most of the people who are not having money to spend on the lawyers can directly approach the court where they are assigned with a lawyer who fights the case for the victim and their family. In Colorado statutory rape I’d a crime because it is a crime where a girl who is below 17 years of age is raped.

Sometimes the victim may feel shy to report the case about the rape. But now her parents, friends or someone close to her can file a case and the lawyer would help the victim to get fair results from the court, by presenting the clear reports, facts, and evidence.

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