How A Man Shows His Love

Did you know that a man may be better at showing his love than at talking about it? Can you identify the ways that your man shows he loves you, or do you find his actions confusing? Do you believe that actions speak louder than words when it comes to expressing love? Every woman needs reassurance that her man loves her. Unfortunately, a guy seems to find it very difficult to express himself clearly with words. For him, showing his love is easier, and is how he tries to prove his love for a woman.

You need to accept that you may not hear him say that he loves you as much as you’d like, and be on the lookout for the signs that prove he does. Don’t frustrate him by overlooking these signs and questioning his love.

1. Your man will be attentive and try to make you feel special. He may do some romantic things to show how much he cares. He’ll take the time to compliment you and notice when something about you is different. He may not know what is different, but the fact that he’s aware means he’s paying attention..

2. He’ll try to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. When he acts goofy and tries to make you laugh, you know it’s not because he likes to look silly. When you are feeling stressed out about a situation at work, just knowing that you can vent and that he’ll listen is his way of showing his love.

3. You can tell you’re important to him when he asks you about your dreams and aspirations in life, and then tries to make them come true. Making the little things happen is as important to him as the big things. So if you tell him you just love walking in the rain, don’t be surprised of he shows up with an umbrella big enough for two, some rainy evening.

4. When you’re having an argument, does he turn and walk out, or stay and try to resolve the problem? Will he put you first if you really need him, even if it means foregoing other plans? These are strong signs that he truly loves you because men are not very comfortable in highly charged emotional situations.

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