Free Phone Chat Dating – Tips On Composing Your First Greeting

We are all aware that a lot of singles are baccarat strategy active members of various online dating sites and had been using such apps on their smartphones or personal computers for sending and receiving messages, photos and videos as well as calls or video calls. However, some of them would also like to try simpler and convenient ways of finding a date by simply dialing a number via telephone or mobile phone. If you are going to look at the setting of this activity, then it may sound like an old-fashioned style.

But if the way on how your line will be connected to the other subscriber is considered, you can clearly say that this is quite advanced because networking is involved. Most companies offer free phone chat services to first time users and you will be given a certain length of time to use like 60, 30, 15 and 10 minutes. You may use this to find a person you want to talk to, but it would be great for callers to also prepare his greetings because this is how others would rely on when choosing a date.

Actually, greetings are very important here, since this will serve as the first impression of the people who would like to connect to your phone line. This means that you need to work on your greetings and add some effort on it, if you would like to have better chances of finding someone to start a relationship with. Keep in mind that the impressions, which you will be leaving to the listeners will have an effect because this impression won’t change at all, so using this as a basis is like a check when they appreciate it.

Clear Voice

You have to make sure that your voice is clear, so be mindful. Who would like to listen when they cannot understand the words, right? Try to relax and calm down when recording the greetings to catch the listener’s attention – go to and learn how to make your voice better.

The words uttered must be bold and clear for this to be effective. Every single word counts and you don’t have ample time to speak. Therefore, go straight to the point and make sure there won’t be noise in your background.

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You should be able to breathe in and breathe out before speaking to allow air to flow naturally. Make sure that you are not very tired and like chasing air because you have to be relaxed.

It would be helpful to shake your body parts like hands to release tension. This will just be a simple line, anyway. But this may bring changes in the future, so try to find the most comfortable position and time for you.

Friendly Tone

Since you are marketing your voice over the phone, you need to maintain a friendly tone. Doing this will allow you to catch someone’s attention and more callers will be interested to talk to you. Do not forget that you need to make this tone flow naturally.

Therefore, it should not be very low or pitchy. Talk like having a conversation with your family and close friends. So practice first and choose how your tone must be set to be ready for recording.


Greetings are supposed to be full of sincerity. You do not need to try hard because that will just give you stress. When that happens your natural voice won’t be produced.

Always remember that you are a unique individual. So you have your own personality. This means that you should not try to imitate someone.

Do not Pretend

You have to be true to yourself and to other people because it would be ideal to show who you really are rather than pretending to be like this or that. Such behavior is usually disliked and you will be ignored because of this. Click here to learn what you may discuss and things not to talk about.

We cannot please everybody, so we are not also capable of satisfying their personal needs.  Therefore, do not change into anything that you cannot really manage and deal with because this is how others will define and interpret you.

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