First time with an escort – recommendations

Are you considering hiring the services of a Bonecas Relax? Have you never been with an escort? Remember that there is always a first time for everything.  

Several reasons can lead a man to resort to escort; today I will explain how you can be with an escort in a calm way and enjoy it without getting on your nerves.

Surely in your thoughts, the doubt arises as to whether you are doing the right thing; maybe you think that later you will feel guilty, that is why it is important that before taking the step, you have it very clear, and I know you have it because you want to have fun.

Tips for being with an escort for the first time:

It is important to know your budget and how much time you have; from here, you will only need to know which escort agency to visit. My advice is to check their website and their clients’ reviews to find out everything about the agency.

Another personal recommendation for you to be calm during your first sexual experience with an escort is to decide where you will have the meeting: if it will be at your home, in a hotel, or in the brothel itself. You have to choose a place where you feel safe and comfortable, that nobody or nothing distracts you so that you can be more relaxed and enjoy the moment.

It is also advisable to tell the manager what your tastes are in bed; not all escorts offer the same sexual services. As a sex professional, I recommend that for your first time with an escort, you choose a experienced escort, a woman with an affectionate attitude, who gives you caresses and kisses, well, and also a bit of wild and passionate sex.

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