Beginners guide for first time Glory-Hole swallowing

As an adult you are first time going to experience visiting a glory hole club. First time experience can be mind racing for anyone. You want to ensure that you get state of art service. Most girls are worried if they will be able to fit in that perfect size all at once.

To get started it is important for you to understand the art of sucking and blowing a cock. Well that’s what this article will offer you with tutorial for first time glory hole visitors. 

You need to keep in mind that glory hole is all about one-on-one blow job. You have all the time to experience sucking it all by yourself for that perfect blowjob.

Getting started with fore-play

To get your perfect start, always ensure you begin at slow pace. It is obvious that to enjoy your best fun you have to try and build that particular level of tension. This factor makes the art of foreplay more exciting.

Avoid pulling that big cock and jerking it all of a sudden. To get started with that chain reaction, you should try kissing it a few times. You can also try and reach for his total length when kissing. You need to think about it as your first adult birthday gift that has to be unwrapped slowly in stages. It is important to enjoy every bit of that moment.

Start getting that cock wet

As you are already holding it in your hands, now you need to get to the next stage. Look at that beautiful dick staring right between your eyes. The first and most important thing is to get that dick lubricated with your saliva.

The key behind the art of gloryhole swallow is to start making yourself more comfortable with performing this task. It is important that it has to get full wet and so using your tongue way down and up that dick is important.

Find the right moment to go in

Next you have to figure out the perfect time when you can actually go in and get started. In the initial stage try and take in very slowly. Get started with length that you find comfortable taking in your mouth.

It is important that at very first step you don’t fall prey to chocking factor. Experiencing best level of comfort is very much important.

You also have to understand that a perfect gloryhole swallow is just not about how deep can you take it. It is more about how perfectly you can manage using best technique.

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