A Look at the Most Stimulating Sex Toys

We all know how hard it’s been through lockdown to find love or even date; so there’s no surprise there’s been such a surge in the sales of sex toys over the past year and a half. The increased interest in sex toys means that men, women and couples are looking for new and exciting ways to reach the big O. To help, we’ve carefully put together a list of the most stimulating sex toys you can find online such as from the mega pleasure website and other online sex shops.

Clit Vibrator

First on the list is the extremely stimulating clit vibrator; this wonderful toy will make you orgasm in no time! With over 8000 nerve endings in the clitoris, this organ isn’t one to be ignored. A clit vibrator comes in many different shapes, sizes and intensities, but all have one and one job only: to make you come. Place the clit vibrator over your clitoris and play around with the different vibrations to find the sensation that works best for you. As well as a great toy for solo play, you can use this with your partner to elevate your sexual experience! 

Rabbit Vibrator

An old classic. A sex toy no one with a vagina should go without. This fabulous women’s sex toy has been carefully designed to intensify orgasms by simultaneously stimulating both the clitoris and the hard-to-find g-spot. The deep sensations you will feel are enough to give you that sought after blended orgasm with no partner present. Rabbit vibrators are extremely versatile and are an ideal sex toy for beginners who need some extra stimulation!

Prostate Massager

Now one for the men: the prostate massager. If you didn’t know, the prostate is a small gland a couple of inches inside a man’s anus that is riddled with nerve endings (almost as many as the clitoris!) meaning the orgasms you can get from stimulating this gland can ripple through your entire body and leave you feeling utterly satisfied. Prostate massagers are an amazing way of reaching this spot with their curved design and vibration settings. Perfect for use during sex or solo play to reach that powerful p-spot orgasm!

Male Masturbators

For those looking for extra stimulation away from the butt, male masturbators provide an intense stimulation to replicate sex or blow jobs. Although these are more on the manual side of male sex toys, they definitely increase stimulation and will help you have a sensational solo session. There are many different types of male masturbators that you can choose from including fleshlights, love eggs and electronic strokers to give you a range of different sensations.

Vibrating Cock Ring

Now a stimulating sex toy perfect for couples play. The vibrating cock ring is a great couple’s sex toy for beginners and veterans alike. The compact size lets you hide this away safely in your bedside drawer as well as fit in your bag for an erotic night away with your lover. A vibrating cock ring does what it says on the tin, just insert your penis through the ring and turn on the vibrations to give you an arousing sensation, and your other half is sure to find pleasure too as the vibrations stimulate the clitoris and vulva. Some vibrating cock rings even come with a rabbit head to provide even more stimulation for her and help you both reach an incredible orgasm!

There are so many stimulating sex toys available for men, women and couples alike. So, stop what you’re doing, shop around and get experimenting with the most stimulating sex toys to make every night exciting. 

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